Model 1570

Bb/F Large Bore Tenor Trombone

Model 1570 Bb/F Large Bore Tenor Trombone

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Model 1570 Bb/F Large Bore Tenor Trombone


Kanstul Trombone

The Model 1570 is our most popular large bore tenor trombone, and is designed for the symphonic player and soloist who seek a broad centered sound with a wide dynamic range. Our deluxe professional model features three removable mouthpipes, a weighted slide, and our Kanstul CR rotor. The hand slide features our own .010" nickel sleeves and ferrules for improved projection and tone, and a wide brass crook for stability. The CR rotor features a full .562" bore and hollow construction for a free, resonant blow. The throw is very short, and the adjustable paddle feels comfortabe. Our open wrap design is the sleekest in the business, for artful aesthetics and an even feel between Bb and F.

We include three removable mouthpipes to easily tailor the horn's response to your style. These pipes are based on some vintage favorites: Los Angeles Philharmonic player Byron Peeble's NY Bach original, and two Conn-style pipes made by the great L.A. horn maker Larry Minick.

  • Key:Bb/F
  • Bore:.547" Slide - .562" F Section
  • Bell:8 1/2" Diameter
  • Mouthpipe:Interchangeable
  • Valves:.562" Kanstul CR Valve
  • Water Keys:Traditional
  • Finish:Clear Lacquer
  • Hand Hammered One Piece .020" Yellow Brass.562" F Section
  • Full Bore CR Rotor
  • Open Wrap
  • Three Interchangeable Mouthpipes - ML, MO and BB
품명 및 모델명    ZBT1570T
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재질 Brass
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2010년 1월
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상품별 세부 사양    Tenor. Bb/F. .547~.562 bore. 8.5" One-piece bell. Kanstul CR valve. Open wrap
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