Jabba Mala 5 - Federico Malaman Signature

Bass Guitar

Jabba Mala 5 - Federico Malaman Signature Bass Guitar

마요네즈 자바 페데리코 말라만 5현 시그네처 모델 - 가볍고 아름다운 소리를 가진 5현 베이스
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Jabba Mala 5 - Federico Malaman Signature 

Body: Profiled Swamp Ash Wenge middle

Top: Eye Poplar

Neck heel: Special contoured for easy upper frets access

Unique Features: Special slick bolt-on neck joint with a 6-screw mounted on ferrules

Construction: Special slick bolt-on neck joint with a 6-screw mounted on ferrules

Scale: 34.25" (870 mm)

Neck: 1-pc / Hard Rock Maple

Radius: 9.5" (241.3 mm)

Fingerboard: Rosewood / Pau Ferro *

* - Smooth transition starting from 2017 - after new CITES regulations.

1-ply White ABS

Markers & Inlays: Acrylic block markers

Side dots

Neck dimensions: Width at nut – 43.0 mm

Width XII fret – 65.7 mm

Width XXIV fret – 77.0 mm

Thickness I fret – 21.0 mm

Thickness XII fret – 23.0 mm

Truss rod: Double action truss rod

Frets: 24 jumbo, Ferd Wagner 9665, 18% N/S Hard

Crown dimensions: 2.64 × 1.20 mm (w × h)

Headstock: Straight; topped with chosen body wood

Body matching finish

Nut: Plastic nut

Tuners layout: 4 + 1

Pickups / Electronics: H-H / Aguilar DCB™ Dual Ceramic Bar Soapbar pickups

Mayo M-BP3 bass preamp (3 band EQ)

Other Brands, Models and Configuration of pickups – on request (extra fee may be required)

Control: 1 × Volume (push-pull – Active/Passive mode), 1 × Balance, 1 × Middle (push-pull – 400/800 Hz mode), 1 × Treble/Bass, 1 × Tone Control

Knobs: Standard metal dome knob(-s)

Bridge: Mayo Vintage Bass Bridge

string-to-string spacing: 19 mm

Strings: Daddario 44 -128 Roundwound [5-string]

Tuners: Hipshot HB6C Ultralite Tuners

Additional equipment: Schaller Security Straplocks

Switchcraft jack

Separate 9V battery compartment(-s)

Hardware colour: Chrome (CR)

Bag / case: Mayones Hiscox Bass Hardcase

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