Alpha XAHA40


Alpha XAHA40 Xylopphone

모든 앙상블 연주에 적합한 Adams의 실로폰
  • 상품정보고시 :
  • 상품번호 : 4088

Alpha XAHA40


Adams Xylophone

Flowing Design, Tonal Perfection. At first sight, the visual energy of Alpha Series captures your attention—the design’s flowing lines and uninterrupted curves draw you towards the instrument. After playing the keyboard for a few moments, the advances made possible by the new Alpha tuning method are apparent--the open, resonant, and full sound of the instrument sets a new benchmark for quality. The Alpha Xylophone’s wide Honduras Rosewood bars effortlessly fill the concert hall.

  • 9 Color Configurations : Alpha instruments feature a dramatic addition to Adams frame design. Adams collaborated with Kessels Granger Design Works to create the newly contoured rails, end pieces, and resonators, available in different color and stain combinations.
  • Three solid oak rail finishes: Graphite, Walnut, and White Wash
  • Three powder coated resonator finishes: Black, Desert, and Satin Gold
  • The Alpha Series Marimba keyboard is available in 4.3 octave range (A2 - C7) and 5.0 octave range (C2 - C7), both standardly tuned in A = 442 Hz.
품명 및 모델명    Alpha XAHA40
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색상 Gold Resonator
재질 Honduras Rosewood
제품 구성 본체, 커버, 말렛, 스탠드
동일모델의 출시년월
2005년 5월
수입원 ㈜코스모스악기
제조국 네덜란드
상품별 세부 사양    Honduras Rosewood, 4 oct. (C4~C8). Voyager Frame, Quint tuning, Wave resonator
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A/S 책임자와 전화번호  (주)코스모스악기 AS 센터  02)3486-8844
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